The day that every Star Wars fan looks forward to is almost upon us and as always LEGO have something fantastic
planned. This year LEGO is releasing the Assault on the Hoth 75098 set which has received very conflicting reviews simply for having a very disparate set of elements, rather than one large overarching element which is usually the case in UCS sets, such as the Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter or Death Star. As well as this LEGO will also be releasing the polybag promotional minifigure which this year is the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper 30602.Lego Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper

Unfortunately, this years Star Wars day is looking to be quite bleak, at least from a LEGO point of view. Personally, whilst I appreciate the fact that the UCS sets can’t all be Star Wars ships and since the Ewok Village was very popular (because it’s awesome) I doubt that this year’s first UCS will have the same effect. It quite simply does not give the same impression as Ewok’s Village does, especially for the price point. I think LEGO would of been better to separate these elements in to individual sets, rather than sell them all as one ultimate collection.

As for the polybag First Order Stormtrooper my only issue here is that it’s not exactly new or difficult to get hold of so I am slightly disappointed that we couldn’t see a new figure as part of the promotion.

When will the May 4th Star Wars promotion launch?

Lego Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper may4th offer

The May 4th minifigure promotion will be running from April 30th – 4th May 2016 in stores and online. The promotion is limited to one per person, however as always this simply comes down to the individual responsibility of each retail store to enforce this.

Click here to visit Lego’s online store & check out the promotion!

That’s all for today folks, be sure to let us know what you think about the Assault on Hoth UCS & the First Order Storm Trooper promotion. Drop us a comment in the comment section below!



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