Lego Modular Buildings

As some of you will know, I am a huge fan of the LEGO modular buildings series, I began my collection in March 2017 and so far I’ve managed to collect Palace Cinema (10232), Detective’s Office (10246), Parisian Restaurant (10243), Brick Bank (10251), Assembly Square (10255) and Pet Shop (10218). Unfortunately, since I am late to the series, I have to hunt around for the best prices for the other 6 sets in the series.

LEGO Modular Building Series

The modular building series began in 2007 with the extremely rare Cafe Corner (10182), initially, the modular series wasn’t very popular, also the series only releases one new set each year. Therefore, LEGO gives the series very little time in the spotlight and it quickly gets shoved in the corner amongst larger more profitable themes like Star Wars and the Marvel series. Having said this, the modular series has a very loyal and organically growing fanbase of AFOL all of which massively respect the series and absolutely love the builds. These advanced building sets feature unique designs and include fantastic detail throughout each build as well as including many unique LEGO parts. Interestingly, every single set has also appreciated in value once they’ve retired, so they are also welcomed by the LEGO collectors.

Current LEGO Modular Building Sets

LEGO 10232 Palace CinemaLego Creator Modular Buildings - Palace Cinema

Released: March 2013

Palace Cinema is the eigth set in the creator modular series and has been available since it’s release in March 2013. Interestingly, it was the first modular building to incorporate stickers into the design (not a huge fan of stickers) and was the third set to be released.

LEGO 10243 Parisian RestaurantLego Creator Modular Buildings - Parisian Restaurant

Released: January 2014

As the ninth modular building in the series, Parisian Restaurant was released in January 2014 and comprised of 2,469 pieces of pure fun. A highly enjoyable build, the detailing throughout is fantastic, the Parisian Restaurant is also one of the largest sets in the series.



LEGO 10246 Detective’s OfficeLego Creator Modular Buildings - Detective's Office

Released: January 2015

The Detective’s Office is the tenth set in the modular building series and was released in January 2015. It comprised of 2,262 pieces and once built included a Detective’s Office, Barber Shop, and Pool Hall. A very fun and clever build which provides a fantastic level of detail and some very amusing parts.



LEGO 10251 Brick BankLego Creator Modular Buildings - Brick Bank

Released: January 2016

The Eleventh release in the modular building series is the Brick Bank which was introduced on the 1st January 2016. This set features a bank and ironically a Laundromat which launders both clothes and money.




LEGO 10255 Assembly SquareLego Creator Modular Buildings - Assembly Square

Released: January 2017

The Twelfth and largest modular building set is Assembly Square which was released in January 2017 and features three buildings, these are a Bakery, Florist, Cafe, Music Store, Photography Studio, Dental Office, Dance Studio and an Apartment.




Retired LEGO Modular Building Sets

LEGO 10218 Pet ShopLego Creator Modular Buildings - Pet Shop

Released: May 2011







LEGO 10224 Town HallLego Creator Modular Buildings - Town Hall

Released: March 2012









LEGO 10211 Grand EmporiumLego Creator Modular Buildings - Grand Emporium

Released: March 2010









LEGO 10197 Fire Brigade

Released: September 2009

LEGO 10185 Green Grocer

Released: March 2008

LEGO 10190 Market Street

Released: October 2007

LEGO 10182 Cafe Corner

Released: October 2007