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Cinderella’s Castle rumoured coming to Lego (D2C) in September

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With the launch of the Lego Disney minifigures 71012 coming at the beginning of May, rumours are beginning to spread that Cinderella’s Castle (71040) will also be coming to Lego in September as a D2C set.

Now of course this is a rumour, so there are no official announcement or even any hints from Lego that we can use to support this rumour. However, it would be worth noting that it’s Disney’s 45th birthday on October 1st so a late September release would go hand in hand with this.

As for the minifigures, again this is just speculation but according to Ghostmind from Eurobricks he believes that Tinkerbell may be included in this D2C set. Other possible choices include Cinderella, Mickey & Minnie, but to be honest anything is possible.

Regarding a price range, we would expect it to sit between $150 – $200, however this really depends on how much detail goes in to the set and of course how many pieces – previous D2C sets have come in a variety of sizes with most starting from 2,000 – 2,500 pieces.

My thoughts…

Personally, I think this set would be absolutely amazing at least from a building perspective, the castle is very intricate and would/should be a pretty large set with a minimum of 2,000+ pieces, however I guess this depends on whether they reduce the size of the castle which I hope they don’t.

Let us know what you think about this rumour in the comments section below!


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